Season 6

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Season 6

Postby Hammerhead » Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:31 pm

Well I think we broke an attendance record last night with 54 players showing up to compete in league. Thanks to Kyle for doing a great job hosting the night! We also decided that Kyle's place will be a good place to have playoffs this season so the new venue and mix of games will be a nice change!

Top ten for the night were as follows:

1 Ian Harrower (IAN) 79.0000
2 Mark Incitti (MAX) 78.0000
3 Kris Asick (KSA) 78.0000
4 Marc Tourand (MDT) 76.0000
5 Mike Dymus (ICK) 75.0000
6 Rick York (YOR) 71.0000
7 Greg Benz (GRE) 69.0000
8 Shaun Russell (SPY) 69.0000
9 Aaron Attrill (AEA) 67.0000
10 Steve Versteegen (SFV) 65.0000

Full results can be found here:

Some pics of the action can be seen here: ... 8671561613

P.S. During league play please do not play the league games for fun. You are welcome to play the non league games. This allows groups to see that the machine is open and keep the groups moving along. Thanks.
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