FS: Bally lower cab PRIMED

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FS: Bally lower cab PRIMED

Postby Drano » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:14 pm

I got this lower cab from an early classic Bally in a package deal and don't need it. Looks to be an early MPU AS-2518-35 game like KISS, Star Trek, Supersonic etc... Not as late as games like Centar or Fathom though... although, could be modified. It has wood slide rials instead of metal pivots and the neck is not set up for a hinged head.

The previous owner seems to have prepped it nicely and is just about ready for paint. One note... this cabinet was drilled and the last guy missed that... so there is still a small hole by the coin door that needs to be filled prior to paint... but not a huge deal at all. In fact, I'll do it if someone really doesn't know how.

I do not have the head.

Looking for $300 o.b.o.



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