Star Trek 25 new code and more

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Star Trek 25 new code and more

Post by Dave Astill »

Hi this was just released by pinballcode. I have it for $20 shipped. Emt / Paypal to New cpu and new display rom. If you like it make a donation to pinballcode as he spent a lot of time making this.

I have thousands of high quality smd leds. These are 5050 chips. much brighter than a . i have flashers , flexis , domed , no dome etc. as low as .75 per bulb. Do a little research and compare prices for non ghosting bulbs. These are the lowest priced /highest quality bulbs you can find.

email me with a want list. i dont offer kits because everyone has a different idea. located in canada and quick and cheap shipping.

i also distribute Siegecraft Led adapter kits for classic bally and stern games. These allow for the use of leds in these classic games.No ghosting or flickering. Easy install they fit on your existing lamp boards. For games without auxilary driver boards $65 or two sets for $120. In stock in Canada.

Lots of interesting new roms are out.

Custom roms from pinballcode

Star Wars data east
Jurassic Park
Star Trek 25

Soren competition roms

Bally free play and mod roms for your classic games

Led patches for 1992-1994 wpc games

sys 80b freeplay roms

security , pal , gal , pic chips

LOTR shaker chip set , u213 gold and 10.02 cpu
You can convert your Lord of the Rings pinball to use a shaker motor. I have a few shaker motors available for $150 new in box.
Special $170 includes the shaker motor the gold u213 pal chip and the 10.02 cpu chip and 10.0 display rom.

Cruisin u.s.a. linking chip set with pal linking chip and four eproms $50 per game

i have them . i am having a sale , prices below my ebay store and in Canadian $. I ship 3 times a week so you will get them fast. Besides roms i also have , wpc security chips , gottlieb system 1 adaptors for the cpu , dcs wpc sound gal chips , u213 stern including sharkeys gold dot and lotr special u213 shaker pal chip , free play only roms and regular u213 , stern data east , sound and display pal chips , 6800 , 6821 , 6502 , 6532 , 5101 , 6810 and much more.
Providing hard to find pinball i.c.s. eprom service and more

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Re: Star Trek 25 new code and more

Post by cait001 »

This guy brings new life into these old Data East games!!! So happy he did this.
Info at

And dump of the changes:
STAR TREK Unofficial v.3.00
(last updated April 2, 2020)

Captain's log, Stardate 97852.92. Approaching Earth for a much needed period of rest and recreation. There are rumors of an updated pinball machine originally manufactured in Earth year 1991. I am transporting down with Mr. Spock to investigate. I am looking forward to a nice period of rest and some pinball entertainment.

Updated display routine from:
Skill Shot
Skill Shot
Player can abort Red Alert, XXX Sighted!, and Shields Up screens during Skill Shot intro by holding in either flipper button.
Flash the two Red Alert Flashers along with RED ALERT video during Skill Shot intro.
Ship sound effect will now play on first past during Ball 1 Skill Shot.
Adjusted speed of Skill Shot ship based on Ball #.
Upper playfield flashers updated to flash only when a ship is hit.
Ship will fly off screen now and have a continuous path.
After ship flies off screen there is now a small random delay before ship reappears.
Stop playing Ship flyby sound effect during Skill Shot after 30 times. Ship will be silent for the next 200+ passes. Ship will then play sound effect again for 30 times. Repeat. Now when someone walks away from an active game, the location operator will not go insane.

Right Scoop (Scanner):
Each ball starts with Right Scoop (Scanner) lit SOLID. After collecting Right Scoop (Scanner), the Left Scoop will FLASH and you have to shoot the Left Scoop to re-lite the Right Scoop (Scanner).
If you shoot the Right Scoop (Scanner) when it is not lit, it will display "<<< LEFT SCOOP LITES SCANNER!" and eject the ball. Note, some timed modes (such as Ice Planets, Tribble Trouble, Unlimited Millions, and the new Warp Ramps) simply eject the ball when Right Scoop (Scanner) is shot... that's always been like that in this game as during these timed modes the Right Scoop (Scanner) is disabled.
All Scanner awards have been beefed up (or newly created such as Warp Ramps and Maximum Bonus) so the Scanner in general is more valuable now.
Left Scoop (Lite Crystals/Lite Scanners) logic:
If Left Scoop is SOLID then shooting it will collect Crystal and display previously unused crystal video.
If Left Scoop is FLASHING then shooting it will lite Right Scoop (Scanner), play previously unused "Scanner's active" voice call and display "SCANNER'S ACTIVE".
If Left Scoop is OFF then shooting it will collect Mystery Award (150,000 to 500,000 points). Note, turn on new Tournament Mode (Adjustment 41) to force this to always be 300,000 points.
Prevent "Computer, Working" voice call from getting cut short.
Scanner Award is now random and no longer based on ball time or ball number or games played. Note, turn on new Tournament Mode (Adjustment 41) to set this to not be random.
Increased amount of attempts to find a valid Scanner Award from 5 to 10. If nothing appropriate can be chosen within 10 tries then the "Scanner Of Last Resort" is now always 2 Million.
Scanner Award SHIELDS UP will now be offered more often and now lasts 15 seconds and has a sound effect played when it is activated.
Renamed LITE CRYSTAL to SPOT CRYSTAL. Scanner will not offer Spot Crystal if first Multiball has not been played yet.
Scanner Award MULTIBALL is now possible to be collected on Ball 2+. Previously it was only available on Ball 3+.
Scanner Award SPECIAL has been adjusted so it is now possible to be granted.
Possible SCANNER awards:
Advance Multiplier
Maximum Bonus (was Max Multiplier)
Lite Extra Ball
Lite Special
Tribble Trouble
Super Bumpers
Ice Planet Left
Ice Planet Right
Warp Ramps (was Unlimited Millions)
Shields Up
Lite Laser Kick
Spot Crystal
Video Mode
2 Million
Tribble Trouble timer extended from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
Tribble Trouble scoring increased from 200,000 to 250,000 points per switch.
During this mode, the Top Gate to the left of the Top Lanes will not open when shooting the Right Orbit. This will allow the player to shoot the ball into the Pop Bumpers for maximum points.
Fixed bug with Tribble Trouble to now properly grant the initial points. The initial points have been increased from 100,000 to 1M.
Tribble Trouble timer will pause during Transport Now.
This mode is now on a 60 second timer. During this time, the Top Gate to the left of the Top Lanes will not open when shooting the Right Orbit. This will allow the player to shoot the ball into the Pop Bumpers.
Pop bumper value increased from 100,000 to 500,000 per hit.
Changed sound effects of pop bumpers when Super Bumps is active to only play Bang sounds.
Prevented Super Bumps from being chosen multiple times per ball.
Super Bumps timer will pause during Transport Now.
Right Ice Planet used to be started randomly during normal gameplay. It is now able to be started intentionally by the player.
This mode will now start after the player completes the Right Drop Target bank two times during a ball (during multiball is excluded). The timer on this mode has been extended from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
Player must hit all Right Drop Targets to collect 10 Million. If player fails, Right Drop Targets will be reset. Player can start this mode again by hitting all Right Drop Targets one more time.
After player collects 10 Million award, this will not be offered for the remainder of the ball.

Timer has been extended from 15 seconds to 20 seconds. This mode can only be activated via the Scanner.
Changed music played during Left Ice Planet to previously unused hurry up music track.

Updated introduction display routine from:



Video Mode






Video Mode

Player can abort Red Alert, Enemies Sighted!, and Battle Stations introduction screens by holding in either flipper button.
Flash the two Red Alert Flashers along with RED ALERT video during Video Mode introduction.
Forced PUSH FIRE BUTTON instructional video to play at introduction of all Video Modes regardless of Current Ball. Previously this instructional video would only play if it was Ball 1.
Video Mode ships are now more evenly chosen. Previously, there was a much greater chance for the game to choose the Klingon ship for each pass.
Previously unused "Million" explosion has been added to Video Mode when successfully shooting a ship.
Laser shots will now be shown.
Upper playfield flashers updated to flash only when a ship is hit.
Extended range of Skill Shot Ships so they fly off screen instead of just disappearing near the edge.
Video Mode ships will now have a random pause in between them.
Removed Ball Launcher coil from being fired every time Fire button is pressed during Video Mode.
Player is awarded 5M "Sharpshooter" bonus for successfully shooting all 10 enemy ships.
Pause added at the end of video mode before showing the final score.

Unlimited Millions has been removed from Scanner and replaced with Warp Ramps. Unlimited Millions can still be activated by advancing Phasers via Moving Target shot or by Left and Right Ramp.
Start of Warp Ramps will display previously unused WARP FACTOR display and "SHOOT RAMPS" text and "Those ramps are worth millions" voice call.
Every Ramp shot during this mode will grant 1M, advance Warp Factor by 1.0, and will display the Warp Factor screen with current value.
Warp Ramps is on a 30 second timer. But timer will be extended if a Ramp shot is made within the last 5 seconds. This means the mode will not end if you are in the middle of a multiple Ramp shot cycle.
Ramp flashers will flash once every second during this mode. Arpeggio sound effect will play while this mode is active.
Warp Factor achieved will be displayed at the end of mode if maximum Warp value of 9.9 was not achieved.
Phasers will not advance while Warp Ramps is active. This is to help prevent the conflict of Warp Ramps and Unlimited Millions happening at the same time.
If Multiball is started during Warp Ramps mode, then Warp Ramps will end prematurely and final Warp Factor value will be displayed before Multiball begins.

Every time a Ramp is shot during Ramp Millions, in addition to the normal 1M points, the Warp Factor will be increased by 0.3. The current Warp Factor value will also be displayed.

Warp Factor value is reset to 0.0 at the start of every ball.
If Warp Factor 6.0 is achieved (even outside of Warp Ramps mode) player will be granted Extra Ball Lit.
If Warp Factor 9.9 is achieved (even outside of Warp Ramps mode), the player will be rewarded with 17,010,000 points, screen will flash 17,010,000 points, previously unused jackpot sound effect is played, GI is flashed quickly, the display will show flying Enterprise Ship video, voice call of Spock saying "Live long and prosper" will play, and music is changed. If this was achieved during Warp Ramps mode, then mode will end. Warp Factor will remain at 9.9 for the rest of the ball.
Added display of Warp Factor bonus to End Of Ball. Every 0.1 Warp Factor is worth an additional 100k End Of Ball bonus.

Now starts at 1M and increases by 1M for every shot on the Primary Crystal.
Fixed a bug that scored 3M when Adjustment 42 UNLIMITED MILLION STYLE is set to OFF.
Can’t be started during multiball.


Reduced timing of light show during Transport Now. Previously it went on well after Transport Now sequence had ended.
Top Gate will no longer open briefly during start of Multiball.
Increased Shields On Ball Save timer at the start of Multiball from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
Fixed bug where Ramp inserts go SOLID ON after shooting Ramp to Lite Moving Target during Multiball
Prevented Phasers from advancing via Ramps during Multiball since Unlimited Millions would often interfere with the shooting of the Ramps to relite Primary Crystal.
"SHOOT RAMPS" text display with Ramp shots remaining count down counter and previously unused "Captain" voice call will occasionally play when this part of the Multiball sequence is active.
Every time a Jackpot is achieved, the amount of Ramps required to be shot to relite Primary Crystal is now increased by one to a maximum of six
Jackpot for 5M, 10M, and 15M will now display Scotty and McCoy. Jackpot for 20M and 25M will display Spock. Previously the video displayed was random each time.
Flashers added to light show during Jackpot.
Jackpot light show has been reduced. Previously it went on way too long.
Primary Crystal is now allowed to be collected even when Jackpot sequence is playing.
Get The Primary Crystal audio/video will now occasionally play when this part of the Multiball sequence is active.
Fixed bug so "Get The Primary Crystal" is not played when Ramp is shot when Transporter is open.
Fixed bug where Ramp shot during Multiball would restart the Jackpot music.
Fixed bug where if late Jackpot is collected after normal gameplay has resumed, Crystal 4 Playfield Insert Green lamp would remain FLASHING. Instead turn this Green lamp OFF and set Yellow to SOLID ON.
At the start of Multiball all running timers (Super Bumpers, Unlimited Million, Ice Planets, Tribble Trouble) will be paused during the Transport Now Multiball Intro animation and resume after that.

Re-Lite Laser Kick insert will now behave much more logically and consistently.
Changed logic for re-liting Laser Kick from Average Ball Time to Current Ball Time.
Now if the Current Ball Time is under 100 seconds when Laser Kick is activated then the Re-Lite Laser Kick insert will immediately lite and you only have to shoot the Right Orbit one time for Laser Kick Is Active.
If the Current Ball Time is over 100 seconds then you will have to shoot the Right Orbit one time to lite the Re-Lite Laser Kick insert and then a second time for Laser Kick Is Active.

Increased base value of Victory from 1M to 2M.
Prevented Victory Laps from playing during End Of Ball.

Added Warp Factor
Added Power Level
Adjusted timing of Instant Info screens to flow better.

Added previously unused "What In Blazes Is This?" voice call to the possible sounds played when ball drains via Outlanes.
Big Value reward value when draining via outlane is now based on Current Active Ball Time instead of being completely random. The longer your ball time, the higher your reward will be. Maximum is 1M.
Adjusted End Of Ball Bonus to increase faster and have a higher maximum. Each switch hit has been increased from 7,500 to 10,000 per switch. The maximum bonus has been increased from 500,000 to 2,000,000.
Slingshot switches will now also advance End Of Ball Bonus.
Increased pause when showing all scores during multiplayer game during End Of Ball.
Adjusted sounds during Bonus Multiplier and Bonus part of End Of Ball to synchronize with animation.
Fixed End Of Ball routine to display TOTAL bonus based on Bonus Multiplier instead of base bonus.
Added display of Warp Factor bonus to End Of Ball. Every 0.1 Warp Factor is worth an additional 100k End Of Ball bonus.

Adjusted timing between all Game Over sequence screens to flow better.
Moved Enter Initials sequence to run before Match sequence.
Added ability backspace while entering High Score Initials via < character.
Increased timer for entering High Score Initials from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.
Adjusted timing of laser and explosion to be better synchronized during Match Sequence video.
Adjusted timing so Ship sound effect is synchronized with animation during Game Over screen.
Music has been added to the Buy-In countdown. Previously this was silent.

Adjusted timing so all Attract Mode screens flow better.
Extended Attract Mode Instructions to include SHOOT CONSECUTIVE RAMPS FOR MILLIONS.

Changed sound effects when scrolling through Audits and Adjustments & Diagnostics.
Fixed Skill Shot Audit bug with when playing a 4 or 5 ball game.
Audit 76 changed from SCANNER LIT to SCANNER ACT (short for Activated).
Audit 85 changed from SCANNER. MAXIMUM 'X' to SCANNER, MAX. BONUS.
Adjustment 16 TILT WARNINGS can now be set to 0, 1, 2, or 3. Default for Tilt Warnings is 2.
EJECT BALL SAVE - Adjustment 30 has been changed from CLEAN GAME EVERY to EJECT BALL SAVE. The Right Scoop Ball Eject will activate this new user adjustable timer. The default for this timer is 3 seconds. Update this adjustment as you see required for your specific machine. CLEAN GAME EVERY has been hard coded to its original default value of 1500.
TOURNAMENT MODE - Adjustment 41 has been changed from RECALL SCANNERS (was never coded in original game) to TOURNAMENT MODE. Default is NO. See TOURNAMENT MODE section below for details.
The spotting of a Crystal at the start of each ball prior to the first Multiball is now tied to Adjustment 46. Adjustment 46 still controls the spotting of Drop Target Crystals also. Adjustment 46 has been renamed from "SPOT DROP CRYSTALS" to "SPOT CRYSTALS". The default for this adjustment is now OFF.
Fixed Restart Game to NOT restart on Ball 3 if Adjustment 50 RESTART GAME is NO.

Enable TOURNAMENT MODE by setting Adjustment 41 to YES.
Right Scoop (Scanner) will offer a limited selection of Awards. Those Awards will be in a set (non-random) order.
Tournament Mode Scanner Awards:
Tribble Trouble *
Warp Ramps *
Super Bumpers
Shields Up
Maximum Bonus
Video Mode (if enabled) *
2 Million
* = won't be chosen if Multiball is active.

Left Scoop Mystery Score will always be 300,000 points.
Will also automatically set these adjustments as follows:
Adjustment 3 - Replay Levels = OFF
Adjustment 4 - Game Awards = NONE
Adjustment 6 - Limit Extra Balls = 0
Adjustment 16 - Tilt Warnings = 2
If you prefer not to have Video Mode included during a tournament due to its slightly random nature, simply turn Video Mode off via Adjustment 47.

Made it so game will not restart until Start button is held down for a couple seconds. Previously it would restart immediately. This should help prevent accidental restarts.
Added "Star Trek 25th Anniversary" video to start of game.
Every ball will start with Shields Up (Ball Save) for 10 seconds.
Made it so Transporter At XX% Power video and voice call will play at the start of each ball.
Made it so previously unused Transporter At 90% Power video and voice call are played along with Get Primary Crystal video when this level is reached. Previously only Get Primary Crystal video would be shown.
Made it so previously unused Transporter At Full Power video is shown occasionally while Scotty is saying "We have full power, shoot the transporter".
Light show will no longer play when advancing Bonus Multiplier as this interferes with the Top Lane lights routine.
Changed Slingshots to only play laser sound effects.
Adjusted timing on Shoot Again voice call to better synchronize with video.
"Fire!" voice call will now play everytime a ball is launched.
Crystal 4 Playfield Insert will now be Green SOLID ON / Yellow FLASH after Primary Crystal is collected. Previously it remained Green FLASH.
Set Crystal 4 Playfield Insert to Yellow SOLID ON and Crystal 4 Green to OFF if ball drains during Unlimited Millions mode regardless of Recall Crystals adjustment. Previously this insert was bugged and would continue with Green FLASH / Yellow FLASH.
Fixed bug at ball start that caused the Primary Crystal ready music to be restarted when ball is launched.
Amount of GI flashing has been reduced overall.
Extra Ball, Special, and Replay light shows have been reduced in overall length.
All displayed timers (Unlimited Millions, Left Ice Planet, Right Ice Planet, Multiball, Jackpot, Victory) have been adjusted to start with a better "rounded to nearest 5 seconds" timer.
Timers will now play alarm at 3 seconds left and one of the Hurry/Do Something/My God Man What Are You Waiting For? voice calls only one time at 2 seconds left.
Drop Target reset power has been increased very slightly.
Pop Bumper power has been increased very slightly.
Improved Ball Search logic
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Re: Star Trek 25 new code and more

Post by mad »

Super roms :D

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