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Multicade Bartop Project For Sale

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 3:37 pm
by SteveTheGeek
Hi everybody,

I have a small bartop project I've been working on that I don't have time anymore sadly. I'm located in Quebec City.

It's running a basic PC with a old but ok graphics card able to run the typical 3d based games. The cabinet is really WIP and sadly the plexiglass for the screen is cracked a bit in the bottom left. It also needs a good graphic job and some T-molding. The cabinet under was self made for storage, you can take it with the bartop if you want it.

The cool thing is that it comes with dual Arcade Guns which still retail for more than $200 US by themselves.

I would let it go for $250 CAD if it can be helpful to someone ! If I'm out of whack from a price POV, just let me know I'll adjust !