LF cheap MAME Cab (QC City)

Wanted Arcade Machines only Please
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LF cheap MAME Cab (QC City)

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Anyone in Quebec with a cheap cabinet or know where to find one?
I want to cut this short, I am a game collector who wants to garnish his retro collection with a MAME box, specifically for 2 player fighting game mayhem, so it has to be big enough for 2 players.

I am just starting the hobby and I'm looking for something that could hold a mighty CRT monitor, and I don't want to sacrilege anything sacred for a MAME either.
My goal is to ultimately ''repro'' a Mortal Kombat II arcade cabinet, my budget is around 800$ for the base cabinet and I could pick it up by September 10th.

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Re: LF cheap MAME Cab (QC City)

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Wow, great handle.
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