Arcade Boards, Bartop Kit, Decals, ETC!

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Arcade Boards, Bartop Kit, Decals, ETC!

Postby Timinator » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:43 am

Cleaning out folks! Prices do not include shipping. Located near Ottawa.

Bartop arcade kit assembled measures approx. 21" wide x 17" deep x 23" tall made with MDF, ready for paint. Kit is both glued and tacked with 1" nails, so it is solid. Back and control panel pieces are removable. Monitor mounts are not installed as their position depends on monitor size, etc..CNC cut bartop kit includes player 1 and 2 buttons, led coin button, 8 joystick carriage bolts, power cord and switch. All buttons, vents, speaker holes have been cut with CNC machine. $200

Horizontal Game Elf 750 in 1 Jamma game board with Jamma harness $100

Tetris original Jamma board $80

Vertical 50 in 1 board $60

Vertical Game Elf 412 in 1 board (couple of the games freeze) $60

Horizontal Pandora Box 5 HDMI Output only $60

Sky Wolf board with marquee and controls $40

DVI-D to VGA plugs $15 each new

Gamesir Controller (needs dongle) $10

Sunway Switch Controller (will not charge properly) $10

Vinyl decal sets are available for the bartops - prices range from $30-$60 a set. I have Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple Leafs, Nintendo NES, Street Fighter II (SFII), Atari Centipede, Super Mario, Pokemon.
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