want: schematics for 1970s videogames with TTL circuits

WANTED arcade parts only
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want: schematics for 1970s videogames with TTL circuits

Post by cait001 »

hey all, there's been a push lately to try and document, preserve, and eventually emulate arcade videogames from the 1970s that have are TTL (transistor-transistor logic)
You might have noticed most of these games aren't on MAME? Well some people are finally looking into emulating more and more of these.

Do you have any schematics for TTL games available to you? Would you be up for scanning them, or lending them to me to get scanned?

Here is an old list of undocumented games. Some of the ones in here have been scanned and/or ROMs dumped, but lots of these are missing.
https://web.archive.org/web/20180104172 ... rete#Atari
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