Elvira , House of Horrors

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Elvira , House of Horrors

Postby P1AG Montréal - ventes/sales » Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:54 pm

Bonjour ,
voici les photos de la Pinball Elvira , House of Horrors

Disponible / availability : Premium : entre la mi et la fin Novembre , between mid to end of November
Limited Edition : debut Octobre , beginning of October
Special Edition : entre la mi et la fin Octobre , between mid and end of October
Stern Elvira-Signature-Cabinet-LF.jpg
Stern Elvira-Signature-Playfield.jpg
Stern Elvira-LE-Cabinet.jpg
Stern Black Knight-LE-Playfield.jpg
Stern Elvira-Premium-Cabinet.jpg
Stern Elvira-Premium-Playfield.jpg
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