Blocked by SPAMHAUS? Here's what to do...

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Blocked by SPAMHAUS? Here's what to do...

Postby Sparky » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:51 pm

Greetings to all,

Due to unrelenting spam attacks and a whole bunch of other crap, we have been using SPAMHAUS in order to block certain crap from happening. So... what is the result? Well, if someone using your IP does some stupid shit, it gets added to the spamhaus list. It may also be your computer that is infected with a virus or trojan horse and has infected others. See here from the website:

Removing trojans/viruses from your system

If you find your IP has been listed, your system is very likely compromised by a virus via mail, web, or other download. To fix it, you need to find and close any open SOCKS, Wingate or HTTP type proxies. Many viruses install open proxies and other Trojan Horse or "backdoor" malware on systems, so you should download a copy of stinger for Windows from, and fix anything it finds.

Also download and read this CERT document Recovering from a Trojan Horse or Virus (PDF).

So... if you are blocked by Spamhaus, YOU have to request to unblock your IP. Note your IP number in the error message you get, and check it here:

From there, if it is tagged, they will tell you what to do.

Hope this helps.

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