One Handed Soldering

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One Handed Soldering

Post by icanswim70 »

I've always had a helper that assisted me with soldering as I can only use one hand. Scheduling is making it extremely difficult to coordinate. So... is it possible to solder with one hand? Are there tools available to make it possible (I.E One Handed Solder Guns, Tools, Techniques?)

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Re: One Handed Soldering

Post by pharoah007 »

Mine is a bit nicer than this, but I refer to him as helpy mc helping hands....he helps me a lot. ... -p2970341e
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Re: One Handed Soldering

Post by cap »

Indeed, those handy tools are called a third hand.
I love them when working on the bench, but it's more challenging when working under the playfield.
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Re: One Handed Soldering

Post by singlezero »

i never used one of these , i sue a soldering station however i thought it was kind of neat , ... rce=search

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