Repro / new BACKGLASS suppliers

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Repro / new BACKGLASS suppliers

Post by Sparky »

Hey all,

I just thought that it would be a great thread to have as a reference for newer and older members for sourcing out a new backglass.

I remember a time when MANY games were junked due to a missing or bad glass. Well, let's save as many as we can.

Here are some I have dealt with. Feel free to add!!!

Great source for MANY art parts

Does amazing work! I have gotten 3 backglasses from him. A different process but comes out nice!

I have just purchased a used backglass. Great service!!

EBAY sellers:
(mrfabulouss on this forum!)
Full list of their inventory: ... p=drivesdk
Just got a Farfalla backglass. Perfectly packed, and glass is super nice. Not low rez. A nice repro!!

Post more sources. Keep games alive!!

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Re: Repro / new BACKGLASS suppliers

Post by Xylog »

I think John's Jukes at has a supply of old & NOS backglasses as well.

I'm gonna have bgresto do my Williams Super Pennant baseball backglass. :D
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Re: Repro / new BACKGLASS suppliers

Post by eh97ac »

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Re: Repro / new BACKGLASS suppliers

Post by cait001 »

Excellent set of resources thank you
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