turn old pinball parts into clock

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turn old pinball parts into clock

Postby steamfitter » Fri Jan 18, 2019 3:53 pm

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Re: turn old pinball parts into clock

Postby singlezero » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:20 pm

i believe one of the members here amona did something like this with a bally wizard pinball , here it is from instructables

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Re: turn old pinball parts into clock

Postby amona » Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:36 pm

I have a Duotron head out in the garage just waiting for me to do it again!
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Re: turn old pinball parts into clock

Postby PhilGreg » Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:47 am

Here's one I did a few years ago


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