Playfield restoration

Restoration/upgrades/fixes/fabrication of pins and vids
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Re: Playfield restoration

Post by Dssaction »

I save life!! Stay at home restoring pin!!!

Here’s the final result.

Machines will need serious adjustment. But over all i am very happy whit the results.


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Re: Playfield restoration

Post by mbudman »

I see from your post that you created your own overlay. How were you able to scan in everything to scale and stitch it together?

I have the same scanner as you do, but there has always been problem of getting the holes and scale to match up to the original. I use photoshop CS6 and tried Microsoft ICE. I also tried different scanners

I do have access to a book scanner that can scan a playfield in two steps vs. the HP scanner at my office.

By the way, I bought a printer capable of printing the overlay as one piece as my printer can print 3 feet by 150 feet.

Where are you located? I am in Montreal.



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Re: Playfield restoration

Post by bjm-maxx »

Very cool project, I know how much work it is to make a new playfield. Is your vinyl overlay under the epoxy? How did you apply the epoxy, pour it?

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Re: Playfield restoration

Post by dr.nybble »

I would have thought the expoy is too thick? Never heard of someone using it before.

I have the HP 4670 scanner and I have been able to stitch using Microsoft ICE no problem.
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