playfield clear coat advice

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playfield clear coat advice

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I am in the process of clear coating a count-down playfield. I created an overlay, placed it on the playfield and sprayed the clear coat on top of it.

I am quite satisfied with the results as it is the first time that I have tried doing something like this.

I now have two options regarding the final touches on the playfield:

1. I could make the clear coat as extremely shiny / glossy , almost glass like
2. I can create more of a matt finish and have a shine (not like in step one) by using polish. Not as shiny as step one, but the colors still come through nicely.

To me, the second option seems more natural. Either option will look nice when this process is finally completed.

Suggestions / preferences? Which option do you think is better?



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Re: playfield clear coat advice

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I like both glossy and satin , depends on the game . I like glossy when the playfield has lots of black .
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