arcooda - pinball arcade cab mode

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arcooda - pinball arcade cab mode

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pinball arcade has gotta have the best emulated classic tables but I just got an email today saying the williams/bally licences will be finished at the end of the month (which as we all know are the best classic ss tables). They also announced arcooda but looking at the site licences will only be available for a limited time as well! So for 149$usd you can get a key for pinball arcade and use it with your purchased tables or 500$usd if you dont own any windows tables. By the time most of you read this I will have it purchased the 500$ package since ive already have about 200$ worth of ios tables unfortunately and they arent x-platform licenced.. since those remakes blow away the vp9 and any vp10 tables, 500$ and 76 tables that are almost as good as the real thing on my 3 screen cab vs the current inflated price of real tables right now you cant go wrong. Iron maiden will soon be mine tho.. it is written in the stars!

TL;DR arcooda is probs best new virtual pinball and due to the loss of williams licences by pinball arcade is only availble for another 49 days. 500$usd for 76 tables or 149$ for cab mode if you already have pinball arcade.

steam link: ... ll_Arcade/

arcooda link:
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