North Star - Skill Shot Sundays

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North Star - Skill Shot Sundays

Postby R.A.B. » Sun Oct 21, 2018 8:54 am

(English will follow)

De 17hres à minuit tous les dimanches, (jusqu'à avis contraire) nous avons réglé nos 14 machines à boules et autres à jouer sans jetons, alors les jeux sont illimités ce soir.

Sign outside N.Star.jpg

Le "line up" présentement au 3908 St.Laurent

GTB "Night Moves"
SKB "Skeeball" 6pieds
WLL 1963 "Major League"
GTB 1977 "Sinbad"
WLL 1981 "Barracora"
BLY 1981 "Flash Gordon"
BLY 1990 "Pool Sharks"
WLL 1995 "Dirty Harry"
BLY/WLL 1995 "Congo"
JJP 2017 "Dialed In"
STN 2018 "Iron Maiden"
BLY 1975 "Wizard"
SONIC 1976 "Faces"
BLY 1975 "Old Chicago"

- 5$ à l'entree
- Stationnement facile le dimanche soir. Toutes les places avec parco-mètres sont gratuits à partir de 18hres.
- Belle place pour recontrer ces amis et jaser avec un bon cocktail, (je recommende le "Hi Diver", cocktail léger et pas chère)


From 5PM to midnight every Sunday (until further notice), we have set all of our 14 pinball machines and other coin operated devices to operate on free play tonight.

(current line up is listed above)

- 5 bucks at the door
- easy parking anywhere on the Main or sidestreets on Sundays. Parking meter spaces are free after 6PM.
- great place to meet your friends and new players, be social in a relaxed atmosphere with a tasty cocktail in hand (I recommend the Hi Diver, light on the alcohol and
reasonably priced)

NORTH STAR - MACHINES A PIASTRES is located at 3908 St.Laurent (west side of the Main on the second floor) More or less across the street from Schwartz's deli.

Summer may be over.....
North Star Sea Breeze detail.jpg
but the games continue

See ya there.


Maxed out at 10 machines, no more no less. Toujours a 10 machines, pas moins pas plus.
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