I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

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I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby ThunderStorm » Wed May 29, 2013 9:07 pm

Hey guys!

I got interviewed for the newest episode of Gameroom Junkies, it's a great podcast! listen to it, and let me know what you think, my segment starts at 1h07m



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Re: I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby Murrsky » Thu May 30, 2013 11:05 am

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Re: I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby Gis » Thu May 30, 2013 11:36 am

Wow! Nice hack with that cab!!!!
You have to find those picture!
BBQ... :lol:

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Re: I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby OTTOgd » Thu May 30, 2013 11:42 am

Yeah, the home-brew Berzerk cab story was hilarious. Great interview, Eric.

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Re: I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby Davester » Fri May 31, 2013 1:32 pm

Awesome interview, Eric!

I think I need some card readers... I want to do some experimenting with some ATMs ;)

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Re: I got interviewed on Gameroom Junkies :)

Postby Ricker » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:14 am

That was a great interview Eric, good speaker. I had no idea of your gamesroom setup and it sounds very cool. I think I will need to make another "Tri-City" visit one league night.

Can you post a pic for your token floor?
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