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Re: THE MAACA DAILY NEWS! Your daily read about YOU,the members!

Postby R.A.B. » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:00 am

Thank you Warlock and everyone else who posts in this thread, it makes for an interesting record as the years go by.

Just as "Tales of Pinball Adventures" - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10989&hilit=tales+of+pinball+adventures
RAB's mostly Philosophical repair thread - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14426
What did you do in the hobby today - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2511&hilit=did+you+do+today

along with many more shorter threads that have ran strong on an idea, place or event, they are worth revisiting. Or just use the search box or advanced search to dig up something you remember. Some other threads are pretty short and funny and smart and totally dumb as well, the whole MAACA tamale in a way. They all remain records of sorts, places to revisit occasionally if you want to get a perspective on the process we are all living as the world changes and as we get older and crankier. Hopefully you will see an evolution in yourself and others, or maybe none at all, anyways, at worst it brings back some candy like memories and often much more to chew on. ;)

All this to say that I am making a conscious effort to post in the next thread idea I have come up with - viewtopic.php?f=3&t=25875

As Scott and I discussed last week, good writing takes an awful lot of editing and work, even then I feel that I only come close to good writing one time out of ten posts. I am however my toughest critic, and that is OK. So I know that I have to put my energy & efforts somewhere else than the Daily News for now to bring up my post writing "batting" average. The new thread I want to share is big in my mind and soul and I realized that in a deep way last Saturday working on the road and at North Star for 12 hours plus. I saw and felt so much and writing that down is complicated, it was overwhelming. Yet I want to commit to getting this shit down for as long as I can stand it and by the same token share some of it in hopes that it will spark some of you to get "out there" and express yourselves more if you can, and more importantly, make a difference in a world that seems bent on conformity paving the way to obscene profit as some kind of end all, and I guess it is, - the end of the human spirit and imagination.

I hope you folks are going to keep posting in the Daily News as a start to exploring the world of expression via writing about whatever you deem important/fun/smart/silly/informative to share. This is an epic thread with so many possibilities, so treat it as a local community newspaper if you remember what those were meant to do. The difference with a thread like this as opposed to a real local rag is that the readers are geographically often distant from one another, and that changes the concept of "local", or at least its' definition. On the flipside, I think it helps to promote and allow a wider variety of concepts and perspectives flowing, and this will demand responsibility on your part. So keep judgement to a minimum and replace it with curiosity as often as you can. Because we age one inevitably gets more and more set in our ways and we need to work much more at staying interested in living with new ideas, pains and worries. Stay light and young and silly and funny at best when you get in trouble here or elsewhere.



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P.S. A man needs something to do besides contemplate how crazy everyone has become in a world of overly exaggerated self-importance upheld and maintained by the new dumb.

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