WIZARD MODE Premiere at Hot Docs 2016

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WIZARD MODE Premiere at Hot Docs 2016

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WIZARD MODE Premiere at Hot Docs 2016

In the game of pinball, there is no greater reward than Wizard Mode – a hidden level that is only unlocked when a player completes a series of lightning-speed challenges. Robert Emilio Gagno has dedicated most of his life to mastering Wizard Mode, and is now one of the top pinball players in the world. He also happens to have autism.

As a young boy, his parents realized they could give him a quarter and he would play on a pinball machine for hours. Refusing to believe their son was locked into a limited future, his parents supported him as he practiced non-stop, developing an exceptional talent for the game. But now Robert’s real challenge lies outside the game on his journey to shed his youth and gain independence.

Wizard Mode is a candid personal perspective on autism through the life of the now world pinball champion. The film follows Robert as he seeks to balance his quest to become a world pinball champion and his growing real world responsibilities, culminating at the largest pinball tournament in the world, Pinburgh, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/159739962

Screenings in Toronto:

MONDAY MAY 2 - 7:15PM - Scotiabank Theatre & Premiere After Party at Handle Bar (159 Augusta Ave.) at 9PM

WEDNESDAY MAY 4 - 1:00PM - Hart House Theatre

SATURDAY MAY 7 - 6:15 - Scotiabank Theatre (Special sensory-friendly screening for people on the autism spectrum, presented in partnership with Autism Ontario)

Each screening will follow with a Q&A with Robert and the directors, Nathan Drillot & Jeff Lee Petry.

Purchase tickets: http://boxoffice.hotdocs.ca/WebSales/pa ... bb053d10d&

Find them online:

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Re: WIZARD MODE Premiere at Hot Docs 2016

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Excellent ... grabbed tickets to the Monday showing

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