OPGS'17: Settled Dust

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OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by MadTitan »

It's great to be back!

The enthusiasm and generosity of this small community will never cease to amaze and inspire me.

I'm not going to lie, the months leading up to this show were some of the most intensely stressful moments of my life. But hey, it turned out alright.

The show was an expensive one, but I'm happy to say we landed just slightly in the black. I'm confident that if held next year later in the month we can get more people out. Considering it was a long weekend and we missed a year I am happy with the turnout we got.

Many people have expressed their fondness of the venue, and I am in the process of trying to book it again for next year. Knowing what we are dealing with now I think theres a lot of logistical improvements I can make in the organization and set up etc.

Now, for the real heroes of the weekend:

Geoff (Pinhead): All year long Geoff has been working with me to make sure we have as many working games as possible. We both had some immensely bad luck this year but we plowed through it and got it done. Geoff's knee got mangled all to hell on Friday but still worked his ass off all weekend. Thanks my man!

Robi: Robi and Geoff humped 13 games up his stairs and I kept the poor guy waiting at the venue until 3am to pick them up. We brought them all downstairs and woke up his family/neighborhood in the process. I got home at 6am Monday morning. You are an amazing guy and I dont know how to repay you....but I'll try

Xylog/little brutus: xylog couldnt even attend the show but was more than happy to let me pick up his games and bring them anyways. Thats unreal! Little brutus did an amazing job keeping them going all weekend and was also stuck at the venue until 3-4am.

Geester: always sticks around to load up the trucks, brings awesome games and helps out in every aspect. I thought I was going to kill him bringing the last load of games to my place. Guy is the shit!

Monty: always does an amazing job organizing the tournaments and does a lot of marketing/advertising, bringing quite a few people out. The tourney is a huge draw and I have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Murrsky: The entire art package, branding, and everything else involved in the show that requires talent is 100% Randy's doing. He made everything at the show including the candy machine pinball. If you need professional graffic design, he's the best there is.

Brett, Scott, Guard, Dwight, ethous, the evener, R.A.B., Michel, P1AG, semicolin, sylvain, honey badger, chris silver and Josh, and everyone else that showed up at 6am and started working their asses off to get the show set up. Everybody who brought in a game, got excited and then mafe more trips for more games. (Sorry if I forgot to include you, there was a lot of amazing people there kicking ass it's hard to name everybody)

I think this was our best show, and we were running without almost half of the people that normally come out and bring games from MTL and T.O. we had no power issues, for a change, and lots of room to walk around. I see a lot of potential in this new venue.

I hope nobody had a bad experience and I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the show, and not work everybody so hard. It is a major feat to assemble a 100+ game arcade in 1 day only to tear it down the next day. I am very thankful for, and impressed by the community we have. Thank you so much to everybody involved in making this an amazing comeback weekend

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by geester »

Was a amazing event indeed, happy I could help in anyway I can. We just need a younger crowd to help move these things in the future!
Thanks to everyone involved!

Cheers, Guy.
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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by monty »

MadTitan wrote: The show was an expensive one, but I'm happy to say we landed just slightly in the black.
congratulations - that's really great news. venue was awesome and i would love to see the show there again. lots of good feedback on the venue from tournament attendees, too. fingers crossed you can get it booked for next year.

huge props to you, Geoff, Robi, Xylog, and Little Brutus for committing all those pins. that was a ridiculous amount of work. thanks for taking the financial risk every year to run this thing.

best OPGS yet!

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by Mrhide »

Nice job everybody!

ps: big props to Sylvain (and everyone else) who brings game yet INSIST on paying his entry fee anyway ... :clap

sorry I couldn't bring games this year but was happy to bring the entire family ! ... they somehow all loved Dig dug :thinking ...
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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by Dave W. »

Mrhide wrote:they somehow all loved Dig dug :thinking ...
That dedicated Dig Dug was really nice!

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by The Evener »

It was brought out by delroy666 - he does a great job restoring his games.

Is it too early to look forward to next year's OPGS? Lol

Great show Josh - Ottawa wasn't the same without it

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by semicolin »

Yep. The venue was great. I always have a backup available but considering what you got out of this one I gotta say I don't think you can do much better.

I had a great time... I think once I get the machines set up they're going to stay right where they are for awhile. Those stairs are murder. I owe everyone that helped a massive debt.

Really, really good show. I lack the words, so I hope this animated gif will suffice:

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by Fifty »

I thought it was great too. I especially want to thank you for the tables and chairs that were set up here and there. They were very welcomed.

The only thing I would suggest for next year is maybe a sign that says perogies are available. I ended up eating a hot dog over by the ice surfaces on the far side of the complex and I would have much rather been waist deep in mouth-watering 'rogies. I'll take some blame for this, but overall I thought there was a real lack of signage pointing to the venue in general and some of the goodness inside.

Overall I thought the venue was awesome, laid out perfectly, and well air conditioned! :)

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by R.A.B. »

Dust settling indeed. Muscles aching and a persistent mind numbing struggle which lingers to this day.

In fact, I can only hope that we have all come to terms with this accomplishment which stemmed from Josh's efforts and crazy horse soul.

Time to bask in the achievement Josh, and share this with the group as you have done by thanking them. It is time to acknowledge the pride & disgrace emanating from being able to pull this thing off. Maybe this is what we aim for when we do crazy outspoken public events like this one. In the end it is just a manifestation of who we are, however silly it likely appears to the large majority of squareheads and blue bloods.

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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by flashinstinct »

I'll just add one suggestion for next year. Create a huge banner to post upfront and get the passing crowd. Set it up 2 weeks in advance. As it stands, you couldn't have known there was a pinball show let alone a sign letting you where to enter from. I'm sure the sign(s) would pay for themselves. If you get 50 people that show up because of the sign it would have been an easy $1000. Apart from that it was awesome.
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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by Honey Badger »

Good work!
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Re: OPGS'17: Settled Dust

Post by Guard »

I was going to wait for a "how to approve" thread but since ideas are being shared .......

Totally agree with the signage thing. I'm sure drive-by would have stopped in and played a mess of Pinball for $20.
My suggestion would be to have those "MAACA" cards on every machine. (maybe issued upon arrival for those not staying) to show if for sale, (and price ) trade, or just free play. I think there was a few machines that were for sale that people had no idea of.
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