Vertical Monitor Original XBox game

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Vertical Monitor Original XBox game

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I'm not sure how many of you were aware of this but a port of Psyvariar 2 Extended Edition made it to the original XBox. Huh? As American as apple pie and foot long hot dogs XBox you say? Yes the big black brick of joy; controller the size of a head of lettuce and blessed with smiling triple platinum Bill's personal seal of approval. Now that's all well and good but the odd thing is this game doesn't make any real attempt to play nice in the horizontal. It will play that way but it is by no means the way the game was intended to be played and really shows it's SHMUP roots in that all the vertical monitor goodness is intact in the port. Anyway if you have the ubiquitous dust covered original XBox collecting more dust and are handy with ahem Splinter Cell... cough, TSOP flash, cough er. You have a pretty solid option for something to play in a vertical cab with little hardware investment and breathing some new found use into Ye olde box.

The game is brutal. I mean beat you down with the bloodied end of your severed... you get the point... in the traditional Japanese SHMUP style.

This video shows it being played on a horizontal monitor. Shame shame.

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