2018 CNE Gaming Garage – Aug 24-26

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2018 CNE Gaming Garage – Aug 24-26

Postby TrueJedi » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:48 pm

The Toronto CNE Gaming Garage is returning in 2018 for Friday August 24 through Sunday August 26. Instead of 1 event, like last year, there will be 3 events taking place. There will be various cash prizes awarded within each event.

Bring a Pin – Get in for free all 3 days

As we look to expand the number of competitions this year we are also in need of machines to be on loan over the 3 days. If you are able to loan 1 or more machines you will receive a 3 day access pass into the CNE. We are looking to double the machines on site over last year. Success and continuation of this event is largely dependent on our community members assisting with this need. If you are able to provide a machine or have additional questions, please email eddie.dorazio@drapinballleague.com


Tournament #1 – “Pinball Championship 2018”
Fri Aug 24 through Sun Aug 26 from 10am to approximately 10pm.
This is the main 3 day event with 2 days of play leading to the finals on day 3.

Tournament #2 – “Classics Tournament”
Fri Aug 24th & Sun Aug 26th from 10am to approximately 10pm.
This will be on old machines with a daily prize awarded on both the Friday & Sunday independent of each other.

Tournament #3 – “Women’s Only tournament”
Sat Aug 25th from 10am to approximately 10pm

More Info & Questions: Please email eddie.dorazio@drapinballleague.com

Follow the CNE’s gaming garage for additional details as they become available. https://theex.com/main/entertainment/cne-gaming-garage/about-the-cne-gaming-garage

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Re: 2018 CNE Gaming Garage – Aug 24-26

Postby TrueJedi » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:32 am

Update: CNE 2018 Pinball Tournament(s) Registration is OPEN!

Registration is limited and on a 1st come 1st serve basis. The following link will take you to updated details & registration. As a reminder:

- Main event: Aug 24-26 (3 days)
- Classics event: Aug 24 & 26 (2 days)
- Women event: Aug 25 (1 day)

Note you have to buy a ticket in the attached link to register. There is 1 ticket for the 3 day main event. There are separate tickets for the women’s event and classics events. With the classics you purchase 1 ticket for the specific day you wish to attend. These purchases also grant you access into the park, but they do not grant access for someone to accompany you. If you buy the 3 day main event ticket it does not register or pay for you to attend the classics or woman's event. This is an à la carte style to flex with the various options people may choose.

Additional questions please email Eddie @ eddie.dorazio@drapinballleague.com


*Your tournament e-ticket will provide you an e-ticket you show to access the park. It will also marry up and be validated with a manifest in the gaming room of confirmed registrants for the particular event you've purchased and registered for.

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