The History of Nickels and Dimes

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The History of Nickels and Dimes

Postby Chris Silver » Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:58 am

The one thing I know is Gottliebs Black Hole was the first pinball machine ever to demand a $.50 gameplay.

Does anybody know this the timing, game, or history behind pinball machines turning from nickels, to dimes, to quarters or even loonies for that matter?

What did Americans use besides one dollar bills before they had bill machines attached to pinballs?
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Re: The History of Nickels and Dimes

Postby semicolin » Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:32 am

Chris Silver wrote:What did Americans use besides one dollar bills before they had bill machines attached to pinballs?

I went to Boston seven or eight years ago and I bought a couple of subway tokens. The machine gave me my change back in Sacagawea dollars - an American Loonie. Nobody would take them. Most places would give them back and tell me they didn't accept Canadian money. They'd never seen one before.
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Re: The History of Nickels and Dimes

Postby singlezero » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:37 am

I have been passed a Ghana. Coin. That looks identical to a toonie but is worth half the monetary value. I don't see pins out on route to know if these are being used but the owner of where I have a seasonal trailer tells me he is finding them being used in his laudromat

On my mid sixties. Moulin rouge it has a. Unique drop down cabinet requiring the game to have 2 sizes of legs. I. Haven't seen in documentation but I think the rationale was that it has a rather large sized coin acceptor. For nickels dimes and quarters rather than e slots for individual. Coins . I think it much like a slot machine to take whatever change you had in your pocket. I know gottlieb made a. Couple of games with similar drop down cabinet but not sure if it has that same style coin acceptor

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