Dealing with the wife

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Re: Dealing with the wife

Post by WARLOCK »

R.A.B. wrote:
WARLOCK wrote: Let's see the edit bro.

"Look up, waaay up, and I'll call Rusty." Opening quote from the Friendly Giant.

Then the (un)friendly giant actor was rumoured to say off camera - "Jerome the Giraffe, take Rusty down and away to Kentucky Fried Chicken."

Rusty was a rooster, see any parallels with this great thread. :lol:
I was just trying to teach my children "The Friendly Giant" this week. lol

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Re: Dealing with the wife

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pinhead wrote:
uberhare wrote:Buy the pinball, hide it at a friends place for a few weeks until you get the balls the drag it home. Don't ask questions, just ask for forgiveness later :)
Better yet, tell her that you are borrowing it from a friend. I know a guy that used to tell his wife that the games were mine, I won't mention any names, LOL.

LOL, I just spit breakfast all over the place!

I had forgotten about those times, before the lack of care ;)
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Re: Dealing with the wife

Post by Murphelman »

I have an awesome wife. She enjoys the hobby to a point. She has her thresholds which are a little different than mine. I include her when discussing purchacing certain games. There are even games in my collection that I don't get a say when it comes to selling or trading them. Those games are "hers".

We have gone on what we call "Pinball Adventures" together to pick up games in beautiful places that we never would have seen before if not for this hobby.

It is not just the hobby but the friends and people we have met because of it. It is a wonderful community and If not for the people we have met and the friendships we have made, my wife would not be as on board as she is.

Let your wife have some input and a say on how the man cave or garage is set up. Ask her opinion on things. Give her a voice and try to include her as much as possible.

It also helps that I have only spent small amounts of my employment income on games. Our collection was first started by selling a large retro video game collection, from there it has been tax refunds, selling things we no longer use, and extra income from side jobs. We may throw in a couple hundred dollars in there once and a while to get that game we really want but that is it.

In fact my kids also love to play too so it is sort of a family hobby as well. Most of the time at shows or events you will see me with the wife and at least a couple of my kids.

Just trying to keep this niche hobby alive through the younger generations!

Happy flipping!!
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Re: Dealing with the wife

Post by cdnpinballer »

Find a 'safe house', 'stash' or 'hideout' for new games. Then when the time is right slowly let them trickle in under the cover of darkness.

If she notes anything just say it's been there for months.

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Re: Dealing with the wife

Post by Francis »

cap wrote:Francis, are you saying she will not let you add to your collection, or she will not let you trade anything?
I'm trying to add a new machine to my collection.

I start this thread as a funny thread at first, because after being in the hobby for a while, I see a lots of buyers who are stopped in their enthusiasm by their wife.
Last week, one who want to buy my machine, was stop dead by his wife.
A few year ago, another guy give me 2400$ secretly for a machine, and then give me 100$ in front of his wife. (By the size of his house, the guy was obviously a multi-millionaire.)

Anyway, I was just wondering If you guys have to deal with this.

And after reading your post, I think the budget option is the best. (We share everything for the moment)

A good thing, is that I don't need to update my profile collection until I divorce.

P.S. by the way my wife is fantastic.
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Re: Dealing with the wife

Post by Fifty »

Ha! Great thread.

Some background... I've been married for 10 years and have two kids under 10. My wife grew up poor. To her, a Porsche is not a necessity. A car only has to be reliable. Even dreaming of buying a car over $50K gives her anxiety. Her view on items similar to a Porsche, like a pinball machine, is that they are luxury items. In addition, pinball machines take up a lot of space. Her view on luxury items has loosened a bit in the past 10 years, but not by much. The wiggle-room she has is very fine. Over the years we've learned to compromise, and that's what makes our marriage so strong.

Currently I have 1 pin that I am working on. I have room for more than a dozen, but I know a dozen would push my wife into the hospital. Our compromise was 2-3 pins in the house, which I'm more than happy with. I used to keep my pinball money in the bank, but now I keep it separated. Not to hide it from her. Trust me, she knows where it is and how much I have. I keep it separate so that it's not taken into account when we are discussing other large purchases like re-doing the flooring or replacing the front door. It's kept separated because it's money I've slowly accumulated specifically for pinball purchases. This works for me, and for her.

As far as ordering parts, I'm pretty much good to order anything as long as the costs are spread out. If I blow $2K in a week that's too much, but I'm good to spread it out over a couple months. It's all about being realistic with your money and only spending what you have.

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