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Postby R.A.B. » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:58 pm

Many routines have been broken of late. Gradually for some, and quite suddenly for others.

The break from the routines became evident in Ontario yesterday, and today, it has become quite clear in Quebec as well, - big time. We are the non-essential businesses. :?: Indeed, the majority of our occupations are just that, non-essential to being alive & well. How does that feel ? This realization of how superfluous what we do daily may well become clearer via this time of forced reflection as the focus on the essentials of being well takes precedence over what we normally do. The question may also occur to some (given these times and this resulting situation) - "What the hell are we doing here except working to pay bills to some entity as we keep pretending that we can own stuff ? To what great purpose, goal or end result are we doing this ?" Well, don't take it so hard, it will all come clean via the washing of your hands, just make sure you can pay your way, the banks are here to help you remember. Indeed, crisis brings out all sorts of non routine like behaviours. The life goal as I see it must be intrinsic to the process of existence. Get drunk, laugh, sing, love, dance, be silly, create and all that more life affirming stuff and you will probably be happier, - but this here may not be the right time for all that.

Routines are being busted up all over the place and that may be good in some ways, makes room for new things to come forth. There will likely be a renaissance by late summer, we hope. As always, the beginning of something good or something we wanted to make happen is always the best part, later it inevitably becomes routine. Beginnings rule. So make sure you are present for that and live that to the hilt when the time arrives to dance cheek to cheek with others you like. And when the routines and the profiteers settle in again by the holiday season to take advantage of the old patterns coming back up, live that as well because most of the fun will have likely drained out of the renaissance by then. The other good thing about having the routines busted up is that it makes smart people think and dumb people worry, often without significant results. Worrying is like having hemorrhoids, they are pretty damn useless wherever they are, on your brain and elsewhere. Be brave and hunker down for the next chapter, always look forward and further, think, read and write things down. Create newness and live all the joys and sorrows that follow. Damn it, I sound like a hippie again, enough. Ah fuck it,- be light & bright, and if you can't just do that, be useful as well.

As for last Saturday the 21st, it was a day to stop and reflect. Not being on the road fixing shit like I usually do was weird. So, it was a time to walk & talk with one of the female type Caesars in my hood. We talked softly, walked briskly and still managed to lay low while both watching out for that bastard Brutus lurking in the shadows. He didn't show, and the Ides of March have passed. We are now waiting for April fool's day while still very much reflecting upon what is coming down the pipe. Still have a busload of hope in tow as to finding one more way to sneak under the fence in this bizzness of life, work, humour, art and love and keep building until the next break in the routine forces us to restart.

As of today, I see that there is plenty of time to reflect, and there will most likely be more time in the days to follow, so time to plan a new & fresh path by making room for it. Personally, I value this as a very rare & special opportunity to help others and take time to look at this life once again, but more deeply. There is usually little time available in our daily routine to plan and give attention to others because of the profound extent that those established routines we normally live by begin to inhabit/inhibit our imaginations. So now is a good time for many of us to reinvent our lives, a sort of fucked up & twisted springtime that looms beyond all this sickness calling us to see life differently and making the smarter ones of us realize how unimportant some (read most) things are. Again, the paradox - everything is important, yet nothing is. And when this blows over, don't let them fool you again into thinking that you matter all that much beyond your next purchase of some crap they targeted you with, the proof is in the pudding and the cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people.

In any case, I brought an industrial looking shredder home from work to review and to do away with some of my old sins as my boss would say. I hope three weeks will be enough time to clear a significant path for new beginnings. :lol:

Indeed, am taking this time to throw out the physical representations of a past lurking in shoeboxes and binders all locked up in an old wooden school classroom cabinet filled with notes, notes, notes, journals and journals and letters and letters and small objects from the long and winding road behind. Evidently, there now is more useless baggage from my having changed and evolved than last time I purged this time capsule, but there are still a few things and ideas that speak to me from the past. Objects and writings which after this present review still stand up to this time and to this particular juncture along this long path, - still on the road. I will likely want to see and read them again in 10 years or so. But still, I am siffenning the irrelevant stuff shelf by shelf from this present perspective, that is all I can do. So making room for a future is always best people. Take the time to get rid of the superfluous non-sesne in your lives, the majority of us have truckloads of it when you have the courage (and time) to dig deep. This is a good time to see and recognize the bullshit which inhabits our life & of our times.

Found a short poem from a friend, an old room mate, about painful occurrences.

May 1985

But there, the pen has moved,
light has shone:
to say it well.
triumphs over night's cold grip.

A real cry of pain
knows no pause to ask,
how best expressed ?
how best shared ?
how a meaning is found,
and a handsome profit made.

It cries itself so loud,
it is but itself.
It knows no good or ill intent,
it does not seek to harm or heal -
It is itself and only pain.

Virtual hugs and stay strong.


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A philosophy of doing shall rule til the days when I can no longer "do" arrive. Because when I am too old to wipe my own ass, adjust an AX relay or relieve a woman from sighing, there will be only memories to fill my time. So, the task at hand is to build a RRSP of memories, come hell or calm tides.

P.S. A man needs something to do besides contemplate how crazy everyone has become in a world of overly exaggerated self-importance upheld and maintained by the new dumb.

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