Rock Stars playing pinball

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Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by radio343 »

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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by DrDude »

Very cool! Hey, should we try to identify the games in each photo? Some are very obvious, others are pretty minimal in the clues-department.

I'll start (taking the easy ones!):
  • Debbie Harry: Gottlieb "Freefall"
    Bruce Springsteen: Williams "Lucky Ace"
    Michael Jackson: Bally "Space Invaders"
    Joe Strummer: Bally "Black Jack"
    Unidentified (after Brian May): Williams "Black Knight"
    Slash: Data East "Guns'n'Roses" (of course)
    The Jackson 5: Bally "Kick Off" & "6M$man"
    The Everly Brothers: Williams "Short Stop"
    Joey Ramone: Williams "Super Star"
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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by Sparky »

3rd picture with David Johansen, Lenny Kaye, Dee Dee Ramone, and Andy Paley. Bally Captain Fantastic
Keith Moon, Bally Mariner
Brian May, Bally Harlem Globetrotters
Sinatra, Chicago Coin Bola-Way
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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by cait001 »

love that 1943 Sinatra pic. had never seen that one before.
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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by JamesSchid »

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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

Post by Francky »

Freddy mercury ( queen ) joue sur une xenon

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Re: Rock Stars playing pinball

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Funny that Stewart Copeland is playing Rock Star!
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