Market price list for pinball?

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Market price list for pinball?

Post by spicspike »


I have 3 Williams pinball (Space Station, High Speed and Cyclone) on my way to sell. All 100% running.

Is there any references in term of price list base on conditions that is available somewhere?

I am also looking the best way selling these pinballs. Auction?, Kijiji?

Thank you

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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by cait001 »

On pricing,
Your current best bet is to go to the machine pages on pinside and look at the estimates there. Also look at current ads.
Keep in mind prices there are USD, but also that machine price can vary WILDLY based on the condition of the playfield, cabinet, the shape the boards are in, and many other factors. Most people will be skeptical of "working 100%" unless they already know you and can trust your expertise, and that skepticism is 100% warranted and should be expected for any seller. Machines can be a rat's nest of problems that a relatively lay owner might not be aware of, in the same way someone selling a car might not know about all of the actual issues under the hood.

On selling,
The best way to sell pinballs is to people you know and trust. After that I'd try Maaca here and pinside and PinRev. After that I'd go to kijiji and facebook marketplace.
Do not reply to low-ballers in the first week after posting. After the first week, sure go ahead. (Low-ballers are people who offer you an amount ~25% less than your asking.)
The further you go outside your circle of trust and referrals, the more b.s. you will have to deal with. But this goes for selling anything online.

If you're looking to minimize your time wasted, put them all up together as a bundle at a price that is like 80% of the price you'd ask and watch them sell in a few days. (For example, if your machines were listed at $2200 each, say "take all 3 for $5200")
There is always a spectrum: you can technically use the market to extract maximum prices for your machines, but you'll have to suffer through a lot of correspondence, tire kicking, and people (rightly) going over your machines with a fine-toothed comb, while you wait for someone who is willing to pay a premium.
You can get a bit less money, but save yourself potential hassle, if you bundle them up and offer a bulk discount.
Depends if time or money is more important to you right now. GLWTS
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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by tartagliag »

You might also want to try this site:

please allow me to introduce myself...

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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by uberhare »

You could email all the wanted ads on Kijiji and get low balled :)

If you want to maximize value sell individually, if you want to minimize time offer a good discount to take all 3. Prices are all over the map these days.
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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by Sparky »

Market price is what someone is willing to pay. Simple as that.

If a pin is listed at 1500$ in a book, and someone decides to pay 3000$ for one, sellers see this, and the game is now 3000$ market price.

So, any list is rather pointless now, since everything is big-money now. 40-year-old player-condition pins are now going for 50+% of a NIB pin price, if not more. A decade ago, it used to be 10-20% of NIB.

Pinball has had average rate of 233% inflation over 10 years vs 25% inflation on money. It is unreasonable and unsustainable for most.

So... ask what you want, pay what you can.
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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by jdot333 »

or you can post at this new inflated price of:

stern whitestar/sam 7500-9500
less than 1yr old stern spike 2 pro still in prod for 9500-12k

williams/bally 90's games - 5500-7500

vintage games - 2000-5000

all of course assuming it only in "good condition" and "undocumented home use"

if the ad is still up its still available 😂
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Re: Market price list for pinball?

Post by spicspike »

Thank you all for your comments.

This really helps on my next steps.


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