Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

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Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by Steph »

[Here we go ... " old man rant about to start " ... ]

When I was a teen ( the 80's) , we didn't have no stinkin' Internet
so music played a big part of a teenage boy's life....

I went to concerts, I bought albums, ... then CD's ,
and even built myself a really cool "Music Room" with acoustic panels and pretty decent audio equipment.
I really enjoyed listening to music, and had a wide range of tastes.

Fast-forward 30 years , and kids today stream music on their phones using wireless earbuds.
High-tech for sure, ... but it's just not the same.

My oldest boy (20 yrs old) started to get into the band The Talking Heads,
so I took out my old "Speaking in Tongues" album and fired-up my old Amp and turn table.

I made sure to put the volume "plenty" loud when the drums kick-in on "Burning Down the House" .
My other son (16yr old) who was sitting across the room said "Wow, I can feel the music from here"
[... you can't do that with earbuds ! ]

Neither of my 3 boys had actually ever listened to "loud" music from "loud speakers" .
(...they've never been to a concert or dance bar ; sad really...)

They seemed impressed... (...although they would never admit that to their crusty old dad ! )

The funniest part is after the 5th song, my son asks, " why did it stop, what about the other songs ? "
He had no clue you had to flip the album over. They never understood what a "B side" was before ...

Geez .... kids today ! ;-)

/old man rant off


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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by GILV »

That's funny, "why did it stop?" :)
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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by cap »

I keep telling my kids that when I was young, there were only 4 stations on the black and white TV. I watched Neil Armstrong live on that thing.
Our phone was wired, I mean truly wired, you couldn't unplug it from the wall. Not surprisingly, that wire was long, very loooong.
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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by Fifty »

I remember going to a wrecking yard with my Dad when I was a kid. He tried trading in 3 old AM radios for 1 FM one. The guy behind the counter wouldn't make the trade. Even back then I knew FM was a hell of a lot better than AM. I shared the story with my kids and they didn't know what AM and FM even were.

They are very familiar with albums, and we taught them about B sides, but I got rid off all my hi-fidelity stereo equipment, so they won't ever know the pleasure of listening to Comfortably Numb in a dark room with just the glow from the LEDs on the equipment to see by. I'm not even sure they know what the word stereo means.
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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by cait001 »

Every generation will contend with the antiquated technology and traditions surrounding it created by the rituals of the prior generation.
*circle of life plays whistfully from your Amazon controlled speaker despite you not asking it to*
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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by Pinballin' »

Make sure they don't do this! :)

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Re: Kids today don't know nuthin' about Audio (Funny!)

Post by Guard »

That was.......awesome!!!
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