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Re: London Pinball League

Postby Hammerhead » Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:48 pm

The playoff results are in. It was a great event. The new tournament format ran smoothly and everyone got to play lots of pinball.

Top 4 qualifiers played a 3 game set (Theatre of Magic, Addams Family & Circus Voltaire) to determine the champion using a 4-2-1-0 point system. Competition was fierce, with final scoring ending up 8 points for Mike, 7 points for Steve, 6 points for Aaron and happy face for Julie! :)

Fifth through 8th played the same format on 3 games for the B division final. Paul Dewar is the B division champion.

Overall the LOPL was a smashing success in 2014. We had 81 unique players this season compared with 56 last year. Thanks to all players, hosts, "staff", sponsors (Stern & Jersey Jack pinball) and to everyone who played and contributed to the LOPL. Changes and improvements are coming for 2015 so stay tuned!

1, Mike Dymus
2, Steve Versteegen
3, Aaron Attrill
4, Julie Dorssers
5, Paul Dewar
6, Brandy Damm
7, Jeff Beaudoin
8, Dan Bitterlich
9, Larry Pereira
10, Darrel Pilon
11, Ray Boyle
12-18 (tied) Mark Incitti, Jay Eaton, Kris Asick, Jeff Teolis, Terry Smart, Leanne Versteegen, Matt Dans
19-22 (tied) Adam Dafoe, Tyler Huntington, Mark Dans, Jeff Werkmeister
23, David McCord
24, Ted Rudyk
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