The Walking Dead Launch Party

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The Walking Dead Launch Party

Postby Hammerhead » Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:17 am

Thanks to Nancy & Doug Langs for putting on a great launch party this past Saturday! They really went above and beyond. Thirty six players turned out including members from TOPL and TCPL as well as a few new faces. Everything ran smoothly (except for the aggresive tilt :evil: ) and everyone had a great time! Look forward to seeing you all at the next event! Check out the pics of the action on the facebook page!

1, Randy Whiteford
2, Julie dorssers
3, Jay Eaton
4, Kris Asick
5, Tim Sanderson
6, Jeff Teolis
7, Steve Versteegen
8, Mike Dymus
9, Mike Burns
10, Matt Dans
11, Christian Hermann
12, Brandy Damm
13, Tim Perrin
14, Jeff Sheffield
15, Larry Pereira
16, Jeff Beaudoin
17, Mandy Pilon
18, Mark Dans
19, Tyler Huntington
20, Stefen Asick
21, Crystal Huntington
22, Darrell Pilon
23, Mark Incitti
24, Matt Ward
25, Paul Dewar
26, Lonnie Chicago
27, Tyler Pilon
28, Jeff Werkmeister
29, Doug Langs
30, Brad Wells
31, Brad Porchak
32, Nancy Langs
33, Leanne Versteegen
34, Jamie Turple
35, David Mccord
36, Kayley Doucet
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