OPL Season 2017-2018 Standings

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OPL Season 2017-2018 Standings

Postby tinyrodent » Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:23 am

TLDR - current standings can be found in the first page of this spreadsheet. Meeting results can be found here:

Points are awarded as follows:
  • 4 points for attending
  • 1 point for each match won
  • bonus points for the top 3 finishers (1st - 4 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point)
For each player, only the top 6 meetings count. So you can miss up to 3 meetings in the season without a big penalty. The purpose of all this is to encourage attendance, have a little bit of rivalry/bragging rights across meetings, and to seed the finals bracket at the end of the season.

The spreadsheet automatically imports results from challonge, then calculates the standings based on that. On the second and subsequent pages (opl2017_09, opl2017_10, etc.) you can see the imported data. Column A is the final rank awarded by challonge, while column C is the number of matches won, and D is the OPL score for the meeting.
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