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For trade Stern Lightning for Bally Kiss *cancelled*

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:09 am
by HPR Pinball
I have a very nice Stern Lightning that i would like to trade for a Bally Kiss.
I'm interested in a Kiss with original backglass and playfield only.
Backglass must be in excellent condition, the rest of the machine could be in project condition.

Lightning condition is very nice, cabinet super nice.
Original backglass still look very good and i have super nice repro in the deal.
Plastic set original not broken, very nice.
Playfield with minimum wear, very small spots only. The artwork is super nice and detailled.
Working 100%
Extra rare machine to find.

No picture for the moment because the machine is in storage but i will provide them if seriously interested.
I'm looking for a 1 for 1 trade, no cash if your machine is in decent condition.

Here's an example of this game, not mine.

Thanks !

Re: For trade Stern Lightning for Bally Kiss

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:54 am
by HPR Pinball
Ok change my mind on this trade, no more interested, thanks !
The value for this title is very high and cannot afford it.