My first NIB experience *Star Wars*

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Re: My first NIB experience *Star Wars*

Postby foonleclown » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:14 pm

Metallica LE + AC/DC LUCI +TwdLE + Mame (Francis) AfmLE

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Re: My first NIB experience *Star Wars*

Postby HPR Pinball » Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:08 pm

Star Wars eperience continue to be very good.
I would like to share 3 points from my experience.

First check all screws, i found one screw not thighten in a hard to reach place. Took me 2 hours of fun to fix that by removing ramps and etc ....
Second, i found after a few days that the playfield was warp. Ok if that happen to you it's certainly because of the winter low humidity season. I checked again after a few weeks and the playfield return to normal, completely straight.

Those are not complaints, it's pinball and it's normal to my eyes. Just want to share this experience for future nib owners. I prefer to see the ocean of positive than the exceptionnal imperfections that makes life beautiful :-)

Third point specificaly for Star Wars. I'm very competitive and challenging person and like the drive Star Wars give to me. There's tons of rules in this game and lot of strategies to try. Everything is easy to understand, sound and color coded on the playfield. Certainly the best lightshow, sound and theme fun in my pinball experience.

Here's my latest high score and i believe the 10 billions marks is still possible :-)
Vids: ... _id=454505
Les arcades, j'suis tombé d'dans quand j'tait pti !! :-)

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