Genesis help PLEASE

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Genesis help PLEASE

Post by dannyc99 »

Hey guys and gals I have an issue with my Genesis. I had the playfield up and the machine on. I touched something and heard the kickback solenoid click and that was that. So I put down the table and thought nothing more of it. the next time I turned it on the kickout our kickback seleniod the one that captures the ball on the top left corner, started activating like crazy 5 or 6 times like the ball was in it. after the balls were in their spots and the game was ready it stopped and all looked good. However none of the switches at the top count score, same with the pop bumpers. they work but don't score but the out lanes do score. maybe something is not reseting?? I dunno im confused.

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Re: Genesis help PLEASE

Post by sylvain »

If you shorted solenoid voltage to a switch while the machine was on,
chances are that at least one chip in the switch matrix on the MPU is zapped and needs to be replaced.

Hint - these defective chips often run too hot (although this is not always the case).

- Sylvain.
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