Shipping with Day & Ross Transport

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Shipping with Day & Ross Transport

Post by greatwichjohn »

I have shipped numerous pinball machines with them over the years. Helped many guys with shipping in Canada. This year they destroyed a AC/DC BIB from Calgary going to Ontario. They want to pay out $2 a pound. They refuse to disclose the location & details of the accident. They want me to pay for the shipping on the non delivered pin while I wait to see what legal or other rights the owner wants to take. The pinball machine is getting in worse shape from the one & only picture provided by the recovery effort. It is now in NB, for up to 9 months. Day & Ross Transport has decided to suspend my business account on shipping.

So question what might happen with them if they destroy a nib purchase from Cineplex-Starburst. I'm a dealer, & I'm not purchasing any more pins at this time. The pinball machine was upgraded with many mods, & valued at $15,000. As always used goods ship at owners risk, but that should not include improper handling or transport of goods in a reasonable way. Their refusal to disclose the facts of the accident is weird. I did a search & nothing comes up over this accident, & they seem to want to keep it that way. Even my business rep there is saying nothing. Be cautious with any new purchase, you might have no recourse!

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Re: Shipping with Day & Ross Transport

Post by neo_geo »

This is every pinball collector's nightmare. And unfortunately it came true here. I feel incredibly bad for the seller and the sad thing is that I've used Day & Ross before for a shipment from Quebec City to Montreal for a Theatre of Magic. I received the pinball in excellent shape. I guess this is a risk that you need to accept as a seller shipping a pinball across the country. If you think about it, no freight company is immune to this as an accident can happen with any shipping company. But it's the way the company handles the accident afterwards that counts. I hope the seller had insurance?
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Re: Shipping with Day & Ross Transport

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Two things come to mind here. 1) Was there no insurance at all? That would solve all the problems. Even if you get if from a third party, would have cost like $50-$100 probably if that even. 2 million insurance for commercial offices or whatever is about $250 +/- tax. 2) Day & Ross not giving details? the pin clearly looks like it was dropped on transport, what a shame, someone wasn't focused at work. greatwichjohn, I feel your pain man, I really do. $15k is $15k, and if I were you I'd pay a lawyer $500 beans to see if there's any loop hole in whatever contract you signed with them for the shipping of the pin, even if you used "goods ship at owners risk".
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