Xpin, Pinscore or PinLED?

Talk about solid-state and DMD pinball machines
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Xpin, Pinscore or PinLED?

Post by monkeybug »

Looking to upgrade a classic Bally (7 digit).

I was hoping to get them in green but it seems these aren't available anymore.

What is the best option to go for these days with options and the currency rate exchange?

There is also PinTech but they are a DIY solution which is what I am not looking for at the moment.

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Re: Xpin, Pinscore or PinLED?

Post by Drano »

XPIN are great. Good quality and I like the brightness control.

They don't sell colour any longer because they come in white now and I believe they ship with various coloured gels.
This way you can swap them between games or just try different colours to see what you like best.
Probably a lot less expensive to make too.

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Re: Xpin, Pinscore or PinLED?

Post by quarter grabber »

Xpin is the guy that created pinscore then he sold it to someone. Xpin is a much better version of what he created before IMO. Don't know anything about pin LED. Hope this helps :-)

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