Zaccaria Robot in da House!!!

Talk about solid-state and DMD pinball machines
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Chris Silver
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Zaccaria Robot in da House!!!

Post by Chris Silver »

On gracious loan from Sparky until I find a new machine for my game room, I currently have a 1985 Zaccaria Robot.

With a bit of a cleaning and a few tweaks it's running solid. Robot has a typical Italian gorgeous back glass and vibrant colors. It will make a beautiful temporary addition to my bar room.

Thanks Ian. :mrgreen:
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Honey Badger
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Re: Zaccaria Robot in da House!!!

Post by Honey Badger »

Fun game!
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quarter grabber
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Re: Zaccaria Robot in da House!!!

Post by quarter grabber »

I'm jealous! I wanted this game from drano but just couldn't make the right deal. Enjoy! I would :-D

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Re: Zaccaria Robot in da House!!!

Post by ALJO »

Happy to know you are happy with it....I wanted to buy a Zaccaria Time machine when In had the Devil Riders but money was a big issue in 2016 because of personal family decisions but I'll buy it one of these days.

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