Looking for help with two machines

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Looking for help with two machines

Postby MScottson » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:40 pm

I'm looking to hopefully get some advice about problems with two of the machines that I own. Currently I have an issue with both my gottlieb Street Fighter 2 machine and my Williams Hyperball that prevent them from being playable.

So firstly I was working on my street fighter machine to switch the bulbs over to LEDs. I haven't really touched the mechanics of the board itself, I just took off a couple of plastics and replaced some bulbs. However now when we turn it on it does two weird things. Firstly it does this weird thing with the replay score where the value is ?,???,??0,000 which I assume just means I haven't set the value that the replay should be at so that might be something easy to fix. What's actually more problematic is that the left flipper seems to be stuck because if it goes into a kicker for example and an objective is shown you can't choose the left flipper option (only the right one works). Also after every drained ball it also asks to enter initials for the high score and here too we can't use the left flipper.

For the hyperball machine it seems that the machine only half turns on. Normally when the machine is operational once it's turned on you normally have the backglass and playfield lights come on as well as the scoreboard/highscore display. Currently when you turn it on only the backglass lights come on and nothing else. We think it might be related to the safety mechanism inside the machine since there are two buttons and only one of them works when pressed but I'm not completely sure.

To now I've only had to replace fuses so unforunately I'm not that competent yet in diagnosing issues with pinballs. I will attach videos and any advice that anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

Video of the hyperball issue

Video of the Street Fighter Machine

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Re: Looking for help with two machines

Postby cap » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:50 pm

For the Street Fighter, I would remove the leds and bring it back to the original state. The problem will likely persist and you can then try to solve it from there.
Beyond that, I'm a newbie too.
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Re: Looking for help with two machines

Postby sylvain » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:14 pm

For SF2:
Did you work inside the cabinet or under the playfield with the power on at some point? Any work done nearby the left flipper, or left flipper button?
Seems the machine does not detect the left flipper button closure, and something occurred with the high score settings/memory too.
If you are lucky, a switch or opto has been moved or disconnected on the left flipper button; if unlucky, the switch matrix now has an issue.

For Hyperball:
Seems the machine is not booting; could be a fuse, but usually could be a connector, power supply, EPROM/Sockets on the MPU/Driver board, or the 40-pin interconnect MPU/Driver.

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Re: Looking for help with two machines

Postby MScottson » Wed Jul 12, 2017 10:28 pm

I worked on it for a while tonight and still no luck. I saw a couple things like the leaf switch looking possibly like the issue but I wasn't able to get it fixed unfortunately. Going to try again tomorrow and if I still don't know I'll see if anyone has anything else to suggest. Thanks again for the suggestions so far though.

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