First Look at RAZA

Talk about solid-state and DMD pinball machines
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First Look at RAZA

Post by cap »

TWIP has pictures of the RAZA prototype to be revealed at the Houston Expo this week-end.
It also has an interview with John Popadiuk, Steven Bowden, and Robert Mueller. ... t-mueller/
Visit the link for more pictures and the interviews.
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by cait001 »

I am loving it. so many little tech throwbacks all packed in there.

First I want to highlight that there is a WIGGLER TRACK. Yes, similar to Bally's The Wiggler, when the ball is kicked back on the left hand side it does a vertical 180 and goes down a wiggle track above the translucent plastic.
There is also a rotating rubber duck target on the left, similar to the 1960s rotating wheel targets but never really done before.
There is a waving standup target at the top, way at the back. A 60s throwback, but it might just work here.
There is a jump on the left hand side with a target mounted at the top. Don't think i've seen anything quite like that.
On the right hand side there is what looks like a textured spinning pad.

The Atomic Drop standup and ferris wheel lock evokes Hurricane.
The clear lock tube is meant to evoke Xenon
The playfield spin/bash target ala TOTAN
The shooter lane has a 180 vertical redirect ala World Cup Soccer, but it dumps the ball straight into the playfield. Same with the wiggler track and left ramp return: balls comes out above the sling, NOT to the inline. I really like that.

we'll see it when it's actually available for purchase (this is still all prototype) and what it will cost, but I'm apprehensively excited.
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by Sparky »

Not to sound like a party pooper but mentioning "Popadiuk" and "purchase" in the same thread is pretty much like pouring salt in a still-open wound for a few people...

I would personally stay VERY far away, unless a distributor has some in stock, cash and carry. No pre-orders...

The only thing worse would be Skit-B taking deposits. ... yeah... hmm... still too soon for that one too...

Just avoid pre-orders entirely, how 'bout that.
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by Guard »

I couldn't fathom ever needing ANYTHING bad enough that I'd fork out money before the thing was even made yet. When I hand over money with one hand I expect something in my other one.
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by cap »

Game play video. Players are not that great or the prototype bricks a lot.
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by mrmikeman »

cap wrote:Game play video. Players are not that great or the prototype bricks a lot.
Bricks no more than my JP.... takes a while to get dialed in to a new pinball, especially if it has tight shots..
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Re: First Look at RAZA

Post by HPR Pinball »

In my opinion pinball design must be created as a piece of art and must be very coherent with the theme and design it in the perspective of ballflow and possibilities of shots by both flippers (or more) and also backshots, by shots i mean some harder and some easier, also combinations of shots and progression of shots in the design and rules.

I don't have all the perspective and would like to play this thing in the real world to make a more solid opinion but unfortunately at the first look this machine don't look very inspiring to my eyes.
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