1976 Chicago Coins Cinema Problems

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Dave Dave
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1976 Chicago Coins Cinema Problems

Postby Dave Dave » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:08 pm

Hey guys need some help on this one,This machine had been sitting for 30 years,blew all the cobwebs out of it and fired it up.When I got it all 4 players were already at 0,and there are credits on the machine and when I turned it on the only thing that worked were the lights on the back box when I hit the flippers the play field lights come to life.I pressed the start button the score motor would keep running until i clicked a relay under the play field (sorry forgot which one it was and machine is at the cottage) the motor stopped and ball kicked out and everything on play field works.Here is the problem,when game ends the score motor starts up again until you click the relay again and the ball kicks out also scoring didgets dont work and I cant get players 2-4 to work.It looks like most of the contacts have to be cleaned but if somebody can shoot me in the right direction so I can pay more attention to that problem.Any help on this would be great.
Thanks Dave

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Re: 1976 Chicago Coins Cinema Problems

Postby valley guy » Wed Dec 27, 2017 6:21 pm

I would start by taking out the bottom board and clean/tighten/adjust and inspect.
Ps becareful when looking at the score reels.. they are sensitave

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Re: 1976 Chicago Coins Cinema Problems

Postby sylvain » Wed Dec 27, 2017 7:28 pm

Typically when the score motor runs continuously, it is because the machine is attempting to reset something to its zero position,
and either the stepper(s) do not get there (mechanical binding/gummed-up) or contacts are loose, misadjusted or dirty, so the machine cannot find the zero.

For a machine sitting that long, the best bet is to go through every stepper and every relay/contacts in the cabinet, head and under the playfield to make sure they operate correctly before troubleshooting any further.

Note: If this ChiCoin machine is equipped with those pesky connectors on every score wheel and other steppers, check those as well for loose/cracked and/or bad contacts connectors.
Having connectors there is a bad design for sure and it makes those games finicky for proper reset and operation now, especially after sitting that long.

Clay's EM Pinball Repair Guide web site should be able to guide you:

Good luck!
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Dave Dave
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Re: 1976 Chicago Coins Cinema Problems

Postby Dave Dave » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:41 pm

Sorry for the delay in the reply,the problem was in the score reels.I took all of the score reels out and cleaned them as the machine sat for a long time without the back cover on it and thats wear the problem was so I went through the whole machine and cleaned everything.Thank you for the help much appreciated. Dave

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