SOLD - No Good Gofers - HUO

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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - REALLY

Post by superJackpot »

I've seen and played this game myself. Super sweet. Price reflects exquisite condition. One would not be disappointed.


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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - REALLY

Post by dannyc99 »

I was at Dan's house just over a month ago. I played a few of his machines. To be honest, as a newcomer to the hobby I was scared to even touch his stuff. The condition of his machines are absolutely amazing. If I recall at one point I even asked how the hell he gets them to look so nice. GLWS Dan, who ever buy's this will be amazed!!!

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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - REALLY

Post by talesofthearabiannights »

I am not going to bumhug. But what I WILL do is go with facts.

6000$CDN equals currently 4812.25$US.

On Ebay, 3 NGGs have sold. One HUO mint at 6500$US (8108$CDN), one slightly routed but super clean at 4515$US (5630$CDN), and a nice one (routed) for 3415$US (4258$CDN).

On Mr.Pinball, there is a prototype (but not HUO) NGG for 4500$US (5613$US)

Considering that all these pins are in the US, you would add transport costs and duty on them. So you are talking about 10% hike in price when all said and done, if not more. And none have a history pedigree.

Considering the immaculate condition of this pin, the fact that Dan has all the paperwork to back it up, how Dan has a great seller reputation, and the fact that it is here in Canada already, thus WAY less hassle, I don't see what the problem is.

Don't like the price? Hate the market... not the seller. Yes, it sucks. The market is what it is, and the people that make the market are not the sellers, but the buyers. A-list games are now somewhat for an "elite" class if buying one these days. Shit happens. I can ask 20000$ for my Hyperball... doesn't mean I will sell it. Therefore it will not corrupt the market. But, people are paying more than what Dan is asking for his NGG. So... blame them. A sellers is not obligated to have to take a loss or give away a machine just to please the masses.

So, GLWTS Dan. whoever ends up with this gem will not be dissappointed, I am sure.
Well said Sparky. This pin is beautiful!
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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - REALLY

Post by Kazowi »

Bump for a great seller 8-)

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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - REALLY

Post by Firepin »

I met Dan through this site when I suggested a trade. He was honest and upfront and at the end of the day the deal did not work for both of us. In discussions we talked about Pins we had and in the conversation some parts I was looking for.

Few weeks go by and he contacts me as he found the parts from a friend I needed. Sent me pics and I buy them. Fair price if not too little as I could have turned around and sold 1 of the 2 for the price he charged. I state this as he did not do it for profit he did it as he knew I loved the game and wanted to restore it.

Short time later I have problem with a game I just got. I asked him about it and discussed what I had done to fix it. He offered to look at the board I was working on. He spent hours trying to trace the problem. In the end the board was too far gone but I could not believe how long he spent on a strangers board. He asked for nothing in return, I offered to pay something as he was into a handful of parts never mind time. He said sure and it was once again more then fair. I would have paid that just to play his games. Some of the best shaped games I have ever seen.

So thank you Dan and good luck with the sale wish it was in my income bracket.


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Re: F/S No Good Gofers - HUO - SOLD

Post by Bally Boy »

^^^^^^Thanks Frank - just glad to try and help.

SOLD in under 45 minutes on Pinside.

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Re: SOLD - No Good Gofers - HUO

Post by Pinball.Customs »

Looks great Dan, congrats on the sale :)

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Re: SOLD - No Good Gofers - HUO

Post by Sparky »

Man... that thing looks new. Congrats on the sale!!!
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