SOLD - My Classic Stern Catacomb

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SOLD - My Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by Craig »

Reluctantly selling my Classic Stern Catacomb

Recently played flawlessly in my tournaments this past weekend.

Functions 100%, spinner is dialed in, 3 ball multi-ball, a very challenging and fun game.

Has been well cared for and maintained.

Welcome to my place for some game action.

Could use a new set of legs.

01 Catacomb Overview1.jpg
02 Catacomb PF Top1.jpg
03 Catacomb PF Middle.jpg
04 Catacomb PG Bottom.jpg
06 Catacomb BG1.jpg
07 Catacomb Bagotelle.jpg
08 Catacomb Cab 1.jpg
09 Catacomb Cab 24.jpg
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Wanted: larger basement

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Re: FS or Trade my Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by semicolin »

Great game and one you don't see available very often. I would if I had the room. GLWTS.

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Re: FS or Trade my Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by Murphelman »

Played this particular one a number of times. Always had my number but is a very nice example of this title.
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Re: FS or Trade my Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by brewmanager »

I can transport to Toronto if purchased in the next 12 hours
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Re: FS or Trade my Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by TwilightZone »

I'm picking my jaw off the ground. Never thought you would sell it.

I've played it many times. Plays great and is in fantastic shape. Really surprised it is leaving your collection.

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Re: FS or Trade my Classic Stern Catacomb

Post by Chris Silver »

It’s in beautiful condition and plays fantastic.
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