FS/FT: WMS Congo

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FS/FT: WMS Congo

Post by monkeybug »

Time to shake things up a bit. I've owned this game for probably over a decade with light use.

The positive:

Nice cabinet (with a few small issues in the black areas on the base). No fade. Head in nice condition.
Playfield in great shape. One insert has a slight issue. Saucer holes are good with Cliffy Protectors added.
DMD is solid with no issues. Clean boards and head.
Ramps in perfect shape.
Game plays great with no errors.
Plastic protectors added (with an extra not added)
Custom lane guides (look great)
Custom switch covers (came when I bought it), Key fobs.
3x sets of sling plastics. You can never have too much!
Original manual.
Added ball stop (so you can lift the pf with the balls in it)
Cabinet protectors
Custom cards
Comet Fire SMD Leds (x2) for the Volcano (not installed)
Custom shooter rod (green gem)
Additional cabinet speaker upgrade bracket (for adding a bigger sub - not installed)

The negative:

Slight insert issue with "skill fire" and "kickback".
A few bumps on the cabinet.
A small imperfection in shooter lane (does not affect play only bragging rights).


The game could use a light shop job and maybe rebuild the flippers. I never changed them because they have a great soft/worn feel to them which some people may not be used to.
Incandescent lights.

20201226_144544 (Large).jpg
20201226_144540 (Large).jpg
20201226_144235 (Large).jpg
20201226_144218 (Large).jpg
20201226_153625 (Large).jpg
20201226_153542 (Large).jpg
20201226_145651 (Large).jpg
20201226_145049 (Large).jpg
20201226_144922 (Large).jpg
20201226_144916 (Large).jpg

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Re: FS/FT: WMS Congo

Post by monkeybug »

The game is now sold.

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Re: FS/FT: WMS Congo

Post by a.stebel »

Do you have a picture of the custom shooter rod?
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