MPL league, status clarification...

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MPL league, status clarification...

Post by Sparky »

Hello everyone,

I am getting multiple PMs on why the league has not started up yet, as some commercial locations are open. Most are nice PMs asking how things are going, a couple are not.

First clarification... I am not blocking anything. I do not own the MPL. I just help organize it by default. LOL. So... why not start it up?

The reason is simple... there are still some restrictions in place for HOME events. See here: ... par-region

Here is the text:

Rassemblements dans les domiciles privés et les unités d’hébergement touristique à l’intérieur ou à l’extérieur
À l’intérieur des domiciles

Maximum de 10 personnes provenant d’adresses différentes ou les occupants de 3 résidences. Lorsque les personnes se trouvent à 1 m de distance, le port du masque ou du couvre-visage est fortement recommandé pour les personnes qui ne sont pas adéquatement protégées de la COVID-19. Pour plus d’information, consultez la page Personnes adéquatement protégées contre la COVID-19.

So, 24 guys in a residential basement can't happen. Simple as that.

I do know that there are people organizing meetings / tourneys. Great. Their decision. But I cannot be held responsible for going against the law.

As soon as things open up for home meetings, we will get the ball rolling once again.

Current: None.
Past: Too many.
Wanted: None.

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