L\F: Complete cocktail multigame kit.Where to buy?

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L\F: Complete cocktail multigame kit.Where to buy?

Postby andre » Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:26 pm

Wanna start a small project during the Christmas holidays.I'm looking for a COMPLETE kit to build a multigame cocktail table.
-Where is the best place to buy (prefer Canada) ?
-Jamma,Pandora and others.Which one is the best,no need for fighting games, but mostly classics from the 80's.
-Don't want to have to download something or get a program or things like that.I want it to be plug-n-play and complete with power supply and everything beside the screen.
-Is the stuff on Amazon.ca anygood ?(Love the delivery of Amazon Prime).
-What size screen is needed and what do you use? TV,computer screen...?
Any and all advices appreciated.I know a lot of you have done it before!

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