Golden Tee Complete 2006 no boot up

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Golden Tee Complete 2006 no boot up

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I've just picked up a Golden Tee Complete, 2006 build, green board.

It worked for about 2 days. But now, it gets through the hard drive check screen, but stays on the version/location screen before loading the game.

Also what's odd is that it was a Canadian location setup, with Canadian chips, but now the version screen shows different information in the version fields, and "For USA use only" on that screen.

Power supply is confirmed good, video card is confirmed good. All chips reseated. Suspect HDD/boot chip. (But why would it get through the HDD check screen?)

Any thoughts? Or can someone recommend somewhere to send the PCB/HDD to get checked out? I know these are fairly serviceable...

Thanks for your time.

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