Tavistock (June 12th) - The Aftermath

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Tavistock (June 12th) - The Aftermath

Post by underachiever »

Thanks Jason. Great night. Your lineup certainly kicks ass and humbles a lot of 'pinheads'. Had a lot of fun and way too much pizza and meatballs. Hope everyone can make it out to 'seaworld' next month. (My new nickname for 'da Squids' place). Should kick a lot of ass there with Dan's lineup.

Once again - thanks Jason (man with head in the clouds ;) ).

Hope someone posts a few pics as I saw a lot of cameras being pointed around the room. Won't talk about someone pointing it at my ass. (Hope you used the wide angle lens, Ken) :o :o ;) :D

See you guys and girl's July 10.


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Re: Tavistock (June 12th) - The Aftermath

Post by SquidVicious »

Great night as always .. good to see everyone and great that Joe made the night out.

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Re: Tavistock (June 12th) - The Aftermath

Post by superJackpot »

Eddie and I had a great time. Thanks Jason!


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