TCPL 2015 Playoff results

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TCPL 2015 Playoff results

Post by SquidVicious »

Well the sixth TCPL season has officially come to an end, as Dan Pither’s most excellent arcade played host to the 4th annual playoffs.

First and foremost a big thank you to Dan and Leeann for hosting the horde of TCPLer’s that descended on to their home this past Saturday, we are all very fortunate to have such a location. Secondly thanks to the TCPL exec (Randy/Stef/Eric) for providing a league and an environment in which competition and comradery go together so well, also giving me the rope to try some ideas out and pulling the reigns in when some of the ideas aren’t that good . Also props go out to Jay and Jenn for taking care of the food as well as Davester for prepping the buns and moving the food line along (as well as always bringing extra food for us all) and of course Kev for his most excellent somosas … and I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention Santa Eddie with both his sponsorship of the league as well as the Christmas Cakes for everyone … you are something special Eddie.

Now as always my write up will be extremely short and to the point (HAH) so I will list the results now for those that just want the facts and then do a write up after that.

1. DBE
2. Barry
3. Ken L
4. Jay
5. Mike D
6. Ian
7. RJW
8. Ken K
9. Joe
10. James

Tied for 11
Jeff J

Tied for 18th
Paul D
Jeff T

Tied for 23rd

28th Hilary
29th Jay Eaton (London)

Now I get to fill in the blanks ….

We had bounties put on 5 players (the four reigning champions as well as the 3rd place finisher from the last league) … James managed to capture two of the bounties, Ian, Jeff J and Stef (Stef I have you bounty booty and will get it to you at the next event) each grabbed one as well. With Eddie’s sponsorship we were able to have 10 Tim Horton Gift cards that were played for over the first ten rounds. One of the highlights of the afternoon came during an incredible last ball by Hilary on Tommy coming from way behind to grab victory. After 15 rounds of play we required a number of tie-breakers to seed players in the A and B finals. Last years champ Barry had lead the pack in the rounds and sat alone as the top seed with 11 wins. 5 players had 10 wins (Ken L,DBE,Jay,RJW,Ken K) had to play a single game (AFM) with the top 3 players going to the A final and the other two getting top seeds in the B final. In the end Ken L/DBE/Jay managed their way to the A final with RJW and Ken K headed to the B final. We also had 4 players at 9 wins so a second tie-breaker was required (on Metallica) which would result in two going into the B final and the other two finishing 9th and 10th. Ian/Mike D/Joe/James competed with Mike D and Ian coming out on top and entering the B final

Special to this year we had a consolation single game final where we took the bottom 4 (and ties) of the standings and had them play No Fear with a prize at stake …. And Canada’s Beef Ambassador Jay Eaton (aka Jay Eatz or better known in our league as Jay London) put up the top score and walked away with a translite.

Back to the A and B finals … both finals were 3 game affairs using the 3-2-1-0 pt system and oddly enough after the first two games in each final we had 3 players tied at 4 and another player at 0. In the A final Barry/Ken L/DBE all had 4 while Jay was pointless (fill in required humor here ) in the B final Randy/Ian/Mike D had 4 whilst Ken K was shutout. The A group would finish on Cactus Canyon Continued … and while there was a small snafu during the game I’d like to say I was impressed how the players themselves handled the matter in a most appropriate way no fits no tantrums … TCPL folks rock …. In the end the young fellow from Guelph who also does a ton for pinball in running the City Pinball league and the Guelph pinball club came out on top besting the defending champ Barry with recent TCPL member Ken L coming in third and Jay finishing fourth.

Over in the B finals the same situation existed for the three tied players whatever you did on the new KISS pinball machine would decide the final standings …. In the end Mike D from LOPL gained a little revenge on RJW (thinking back to the TCPL/LOPL summit of a few years back) and Mike D walked away with first in the B final … Ian also outdueled RJW and finished second while Ken K didn’t bring a sword to the duel and finished in fourth (sorry bud couldn’t help myself )

All in all another amazing day at a most wonderful location … I said it at the top of this slightly long winded writeup but I will say it again … Thank you Dan and Leeann for allowing us to have this great day.

2016 starts in roughly a month at Ian’s in K/W … the new qualified waiting list will be published shortly as well

Squid Out !

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Re: TCPL 2015 Playoff results

Post by Silverball »

A really fun day and thanks to Squid for pulling off another successful playoffs for us.

Thanks also to Dan Pither for opening up his home, top notch collection and host.

I'd also like to thank Eddie for providing everyone at the tournament with a nice gift of a gourmet cake,
(the wife and I had about half of it devoured within 15 minutes of me getting home, ok, it was mostly me)
and for his sponsorship of the league.

Another year in the books and hope everyone enjoyed the season and we'll see you all out next year.

And finally congrats to Beeson for pulling out the win in the playoffs, well done!

Maybe one day I'll get my name on that playoff trophy before the plaques are all full :FP:
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