The first rule of Borderland is that you don't talk about Borderland... LOL
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January 15th - Kitchener - Ian's Intriguing Pinball Pit
February 12th - Cambridge - Randy's Silverball Mania
March 11th - Waterloo - Stef's Pinball Emporium
April 8th - Waterloo - Eric's Thundercade

May 13th - Oakville - Dan Da Squid's Place (Who ordered seafood??)
June 3rd - Brampton - Kevin's Jewel of the World Arcade

Top 12 Playoff at Bob's

June 24th - Tavistock - Jason's Middle of Nowhere Funland
July 22nd -Cambridge - Randy's Silverball Mania
August 19th - Kitchener - Ian's Intriguing Pinball Pit
September 16th - Waterloo - Stef's Pinball Emporium
October 14th - Waterloo - Eric's Thundercade
November 18th - Brampton - Kevin's Jewel of the World Arcade
December 10th Top 12 playoff at Dan P's
December 11th End of Season party @ Jim Wilks @ noon

10 Pins - HS (under restoration),Firepower, STARGATE, ST 25th, EFTLW, Whirlwind, White Water, Judge Dredd, Joker Poker, BSD
1 Slot - 3 Reel
4 Vids - Rush the Rock x 2 linked, Mame(under repair), Megatouch XL
4 nut machines (seems appropriate)

Wish List never to have to use another freaking token for as long as I live

Gone from lineup - Pinbot, Area 51 Site 4, GT2005, Carnevil, F-14, Diamond Lady

Proud founding member of TCPL (Tri-City Pinball League) - we have expanded into other communities too.

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