TCPL February League Night

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TCPL February League Night

Post by Silverball »

Thanks to everyone that braved the cold to make the journey to the hood for league night on Friday.

It was a little crowded and the host forgot to turn the heat off so things got a little toasty but overall was a good night.

Congrats to the Ogre, Christian and Bob on winning their first games of the year. Christian was the only player to roll Target Alpha but I've
heard he's pretty good at EMs.

Off to Stef's for March, where hopefully there will be a new addition to the line up. One thing for sure is, we won't be able to gaze lovingly at the
Diamond Dude any more :(

We'll see if the last host that's never lost on home turf will finally fall.

On another note, congratulations to TCPL member Superjackpot (Barry) on his great showing at the provincials yesterday. Barry had an impressive
2nd place finish in a field of tough competitors. Congrats to other TCPL members Jeff T and Ian for qualifying and representing TCPL in the tournament as well.
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Re: TCPL February League Night

Post by underachiever »

Good lineup again, Randy! Had a lot of fun except couldn't play to save my life.
Nothing like getting my ass kicked by every machine you own.
I hope to do better at my place next month, but you never know.
I think Barry was riding the wave of good feeling after spanking me on every machine we played. Congrats.

The "Dude" will miss you Randy. You always played those balls just the way 'she' liked it. ;)

Till next month


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